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Drivetrain Parts

With the T3 platform (Vanagon, Syncro, Transporter, etc.) getting older and some of the drivetrain parts getting harder to find, T3 Technique has some solutions to keep your T3 on the road and performing at its best. From drivetrain mounting hardware kits to mount bushing kits to shifter kits, we can help make the maintenece and repair of your T3 drivetrain as easy as possible. 

Suspension Parts

Here at T3 Technique, we believe that it is possible to build a better Vanagon. In the pursuit of perfecting the suspension of the Vanagon, we offer a variety of suspension components that will assist you and your quest to build your perfect Vanagon. Whether you are looking for better handling, better ride comfort or simply looking to refresh your current components, you have come to the right place.

Custom Wheel Adapters, Spacers & more

T3 Technique spacers and adapters are custom crafted in the USA from 6061 T6 USA-sourced aluminum on the latest CNC machinery to provide you with a product that strong, accurate and specifically designed for the Vanagon. These are not a generic one-size-fits-all product, but rather a Vanagon-specific product that allows the use of various wheel combinations while complimenting the suspension geometry to the fullest and maintaining the proper offsets necessary for optimized clearance.

Polyurethane Bushings

T3 Technique is happy to offer urethane suspension bushings for your Vanagon and Syncro. Modern urethane bushings improve handlng and reliability while retaining every bit of the stock ride quality.


Wheel Mounting

Lug nuts, lug bolts and wheel studs are the absolute foundation for any custom wheel installation. T3 Technique offers many different styles and variations of lug hardware and wheel fasteners to suit all your needs. All hardware is OEM quality grade 10.9 hardware for safety. Whether it's stock replacement lugs for your Carat wheels or custom hardware for your newest wheel installation, you will find it here.

Accessories & Misc.

 Whether its custom center caps or 2WD stickers, T3 Technique has a variety of products to help you enhance the appearance and performance of your Vanagon


T3 Technique offers unique electrical products that not only enhance the looks of your Vanagon, but also the safety. Enhancing the driving experience goes beyond form when it comes to the Vanagon electrical system.