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"Mystery shifter", "rowing a boat", "vague", "hunting for gears", "loose"! These are all terms that we have heard regarding the Vanagon shifter. Not everyone is aware of the shift rod guides, but they play huge role in the way the Vanagon shifter feels and the accuracy of the gear shifts.

 Most people are aware of the ball and cup at the shift lever, the shift rod bushings, the U-joint between the two shift rods and the ball and cup at the transmission, but there is one more piece to the shifter puzzle. This is the shifter guides. These guides are located on the front of the forward shift rod on a 2wd 4-speed and Syncro or on the shift lever itself for a 2wd 5-speed. As the name implies, their job is to guide the shifter and rod assembly when selecting various gears.

 Over time the original guides, being made from plastic, get worn and can often times break completely off making the selection of gears very difficult and sometimes impossible. When the guides wear significantly, the shift lever is allowed to move too far left and right causing missed shifts, difficulty finding the right gear and can even cause an increase in wear inside the transmission. In addition, if the guides are missing altogether, the remaining tabs where the guides once resided will rub metal on metal inside the shifter housing further increasing the wear and tear on the various components involved.

 T3 Technique has partnered with Holman Engineering in the UK to bring you the world’s only Vanagon shifter guide repair kits. These kits are designed and built for easy installation and a lifetime of service. If you have already gone through your entire shifter system and still find the shifting to somewhat “loose" and "mysterious”, you may want to look into this repair kit.

 Shifter Guide Repair Instructions - Click Here